Monday, 8 October 2012

Unit 32 LO2 - Ident Analysis

Ident Analysis

You are required to write a report that evaluates the design and purpose of television idents by analasing an ident of your choice using the following points:

  • Define what an ident is and explain the function and purpose of a television ident.

  • Choose three idents to analyse and insert print screen and link

  • Outline channel corporate image and identity

  • Explain channel target audience using programming examples

  • Explain style of ident (CGI/animation/real footage etc)

  • Outline what happens in the ident
    • Camera
    • Sound
    • Images/Colour
    • Þ analyse in relation to target audience

ALSO: analyse screen tempo, interaction with viewers and whether it is information or entertainment led

Grading Criteria


M1 Explain the design and purpose of television idents expressing ideas with clarity and with generally appropriate use of subject terminology
D1 Critically evaluate the design and purpose of television idents with supported arguments and elucidated examples, expressing ideas fluently and using subject terminology correctly

Label 32 LO2

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