Monday, 3 February 2014

Y13 BBC Interview Research Task and "Interviews for Dummies"

A reminder, some of you are still working on:

Choose three interviews from the website and analyse them in detail:

Which question gets the best response?
Which question gets the longest response?
Which is your favourite interview?

Analyse as many of the questions in the interview as you can, describe the style and feel of the interview, is it...

studio based/location based

After you have completed this post you should start a new post called "Interviews for Dummies". This should be a complete guide to filming an interview, giving examples of your own favourite interviews.

Talk about how to physically set up an interview including:

Single camera techniques.
Three point lighting.
Discuss different types of interview and provide examples of studio based/location based interviews.
Analyse your chosen videos in terms of technical requirements like sound, lighting, camera and editing.

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